Mai Nishida – Mai Darling

Mai Nishida Mai Darling

Mai Nishida – Mai Darling (July 20th, 2011)
I-One / Line communications
Catalog # – LCDV-40475 – All Regions Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time: 74 Minutes Main Chapters + 3 minutes Bonus Chapter

Mai Nishida is back! She travels off to the island of Saipan for a double release for the I-Onelabel. This one, LCDV-40475 entitled Mai Darling is the first. Watch for my review of second release,LCDV-40476 Natsumai, in the near future.

Review :

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Mai Nishida – Mai Pudding

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Mai Nishida – Mai Enjoy

Mai nishida mai enjoy

Mai Nishida 西田麻衣  – Mai Enjoy (April 23rd, 2010)
E-Net Frontier
og # – ENJS-2002 – Region 2 Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time – 81 minutes

This DVD is from E-Net Frontier, and the format is by the numbers and makes all the stops at the usual places like on the beach, in the bath, and in the bedrooms. Mai wears the usual assortment of outfits like tee-shirts & shorts, bikinis, bra and panties, as well as a beautiful white and red yukata. Despite that the usual costumes, and the familiar settings, are present, this DVD is far from just being another in the lengthy line of gravure idol videos.

Review :

mai nishida mai enjoy

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Mai Nishida – Mai Sweetie

西田麻衣 Mai Nishida - mai sweetie

Mai Nishida 西田麻衣  – Mai Sweetie (August 20th, 2010)
Line Communications / I-One
Catalog # – LCDV-40431 – Region 2 Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time: 118 minutes
Mai nishida

As she runs she’s also getting in some jiggling. The cooling down however works quite nicely.
Running, bouncing and ice cream = Great video 😉

Review :
My personal favorite mai nishida video of the year
you will be glued to this video and actually be happy about it
Mai-Nishida-Mai-Sweetiemai nishida mai sweetie

Think i am going to watch it again :)~~

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Mai Nishida – Mai Romance

西田麻衣 (Mai Nishida) - mai romance

Mai Nishida 西田麻衣  – Mai Romance (November 20th, 2010)
Wani Books
Catalog # – WBDV-63 – Region 2 Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time: 73 Minutes

Mai Nishida Mai Romance

I can tell you that this video looks like it is a winner. We’ve got beaches, waterfalls, bikinis, big boobs, and a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.

Review :
西田麻衣 Mai Nishida - mai romance

西田麻衣 Mai Nishida - mai romance

Need i say more? 0.0

I wanted to write my review really but i am too busy admiring the video.

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Mai nishida – Mai Purin Chu

Mai Nishida - mai purin chu

Mai Nishida 西田麻衣  – Mai Purin Chu
Gakken Publishing/Space Craft Entertainment
Catalong # – BOMB-1005 – All Regions Disc – 16:9 Aspect
Running Time: 80 minutes


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Review :
Like the new look on her and the first scene is good enough to make you lose control 😉
Very beautiful and sexy scenes in this DVD
This is the dvd that features her kissing you at every closing moment
Ample cleavage shots :)~~~

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